For Startups

Resources & Mentoring
Nemo et al offers mentorship for entrepreneurs. We have experienced executives and serial entrepreneurs. Multiple legal, accounting, design, and PR experts offer free strategic advice and we help in recruiting to get the right people onboard for you. We at Nemo et al love innovations and we enjoy helping entrepreneurs like you to avoid common mistakes. Accelerate your journey to success with us.

Joining Nemo et al gets you access to funding. Nemo et al can provide an initial internal funding and we do have a couple of VCs and Business Angels. Our access to potential investors is helping you pursue your startup dream. Incorporate with us and start the fundraising process today!

Office Space
Join a community of startups and freelancers in our coworking spaces. Nemo et al helps you find a space that is very flexible and suits your needs. Start with as little as a shared desk and grow from there without office lease hassle.